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Augusta zoning board rejects Hermitage Road wedding venue

She said any music offered would be played inside the barn. The potential project drew strong opposition from a couple who live immediately adjacent to the property in question, Sally and Tim Wright. The Wrights live at 1268 Hermitage Road. The Wrights told the zoning board that their bedroom would be facing the venue. In addition to the noise, Sally Wright said she was concerned about a decline in her property value. "We all envision our property values to decline, for how does one sell a home to prospective buyers with the propensity for noise emanating from 'special events'?" Sally Wright asked. She told the zoning board that she and her husband are retired and moved to Hermitage Road after previously living in the city of Waynesboro. Sally Wright also presented a petition signed by several property owners along Hermitage Road. "I have spent countless hours, going door-to-door at different intervals during the day, alerting my neighbors of this encroachment and the problems it will cause for all of us," Sally Wright said.

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